An Experienced Divorce Litigation Lawyer is the Key to Success During a Difficult Divorce

Divorce Litigation Attorney West Bend OshkoshWhen mediation isn’t an option, it often becomes necessary to use the process of litigation to decide the parameters of divorce. It can be an extremely difficult time and requires the help of an experienced and objective family law attorney.

At Derr & Villarreal, LLC, our compassionate family lawyers are dedicated to providing strong representation to our Wisconsin clients.

The Litigation Process

The common litigation process proceeds through these basic steps:

  • Petition for Divorce
  • Serving the Petition
  • The Filing of Temporary Orders – These establish rules for the conduct of both parties during the process.
  • Discovery – Facts are documented such as financial records, tax returns, bank records and other items related to the two parties.
  • Mediation – A settlement is discussed prior to entering the court process.
  • Deposition – The parties and related witnesses are deposed under oath.
  • Final Preparation for Trial – Pre-Trial Documents are submitted and trial is prepared for.
  • Trial – Evidence is presented and each party testifies under oath regarding any contested issues. Witnesses may also testify. Key issues such as spousal and child support, separation of property and debts, determining the value of existing agreements and others are decided by a judge and a Final Decree of Divorce is signed outlining those decisions.
  • Appeal – A judges decision may be appealed within thirty days after the Divorce Decree is signed by the court.

Litigation can often be a long and difficult process with a timetable determined by a judge. At Derr & Villarreal, LLC, we understand the workings of the family court and pride ourselves on thorough attention to detail and procedure. We keep you clearly informed as we work to help you make clear, informed decisions.

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