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At Derr & Villarreal, our family law attorneys bring more than 50 years of combined experience to your case. We are proven trial lawyers who are also family law mediators. Whenever possible, we are dedicated to helping our clients retain the power to make decisions and to keep the peace by going through the mediation process. We have found that this is the healthy, economical way to solve your family law and divorce issues. We are ready with the personal attention and service to help you move forward to a positive future.

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Child custody and placement cases can be a tense and stressful process for your entire family. Protecting your children after divorce requires experienced guidance. Derr & Villarreal will help you understand the best options for your children’s future and well-being. Our exceptional and compassionate legal representation is always focused on you and your children.

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West Bend Area Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody, placement are some of the most difficult, and important, issues that need to be resolved during the divorce process. Choosing the mediation path leads you to healthy outcomes for both you and your children. If parents cannot come to an agreement and choose to litigate, the decisions most important to them will be made by a Family Court judge who, unlike you, has very limited knowledge of what is best for your children. As your attorney, we will ensure that the judge receives the information he needs to make the best decision.

Legal Custody and Placement

  • The attorneys at Derr & Villarreal, LLC are specifically trained in child development and can help you understand the many options involving the legal custody and placement of your children.
  • Legal Custody is the right make important decisions for your children including religious, educational, healthcare and overall welfare.
  • Placement is how you share your children after the divorce.


We can assist in cases requiring custody and visitation agreements modifications if a parent has relocated or experienced major changes. In certain instances, the changes can be so drastic that you can be entirely unable to complete or fulfill your obligations as a parent. We can help you obtain the modification you need so you can see your children and continue to be a positive presence in their lives.

Derr & Villarreal, LLC is determined to advocate for your parental rights and the best outcome of your children. Call us at 920-885-5549 in Beaver Dam, (920) 523-1007 in Oshkosh, or (262) 988-4544 in West Bend for an initial consultation.

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