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At Derr & Villarreal, our family law attorneys bring more than 50 years of combined experience to your case. We are proven trial lawyers who are also family law mediators. Whenever possible, we are dedicated to helping our clients retain the power to make decisions and to keep the peace by going through the mediation process. We have found that this is the healthy, economical way to solve your family law and divorce issues. We are ready with the personal attention and service to help you move forward to a positive future.

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Paternity Attorney in Beaver Dam

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience as Wisconsin Family Lawyers

For parents who are married, paternity or legal fatherhood is established at the birth of the child. In the event that the parents are not married, establishing legal fatherhood must be ordered by the court. Having the help and legal guidance of an accomplished West Bend family law attorney can help you to establish paternity in a timely manner. At Derr & Villarreal, LLC, we can provide you with qualified and passionate legal counsel to help you resolve paternity issues.

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The Benefits of Establishing Paternity & Legal Fatherhood

  • By having the court establish paternity, you can have the rights to:
  • Legal custody
  • Have your name on the birth certificate
  • Visitation rights
  • Be notified of any actions affecting the child
  • Ensuring your child can receive financial and medical support
  • Allowing for your child to have inheritance rights
  • Claiming a dependent on tax documents
  • Being able to challenge the adoption of the child
  • Submit a parenting plan

When the Father or Mother Doubts Paternity

If either parent doubts the legal fatherhood of the child, the parent can seek for the court to order a test to determine if the person is indeed the biological father. Should the test confirm they are the father, they can be required to pay child support. The father can also be required to provide insurance and cover health costs associated with the child.

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At Derr & Villarreal, LLC, we can help ensure that your child receives the rights and support they need. We genuinely want to help our clients and their children. Our attorneys are qualified and experienced to help with paternity and other family law cases.

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